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Picture Gallery

" Self Portrait" by 15 yr. old student.

"Crab Apples" in water-color - age 10

 "Tiger" -  Low relief on metal plate      - age 14

 Original Design of imaginary animal, 14 years old student.

"Butterfly" Pastel on paper        -age 10

 Joanne's acrylic painting of sea life  age 11

"Root Vegetables & a Mouse" watercolor by young painter

 "Kitten" - Drawing in chalk pastel  age 7

Ink Soulettes and water-color on paper         teen class

"The Happy Frog" in Colored Pastel            age 12

Acrylic Painting of Red flowers 

Acrylic painting of a bird                  age 12

"Boat caught in a storm" - water-color  age 6

Imaginary Bird in oil pastels  - age 6

"Flock of Birds"  (age 6-7 yrs.) Ceramic

"A winter scene" - Acrylic on canvas                    -age 10

 "Blue Jay" - Low relief ceramic tile -age 5